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 It's called creating an Internet Initiative. This is where you actually create a mission and purpose for your website, consisting of the 6 most important things to know about ministry websites:

Involvement Strategy: What are you doing to get your visitors involved and active with your organization?

Branding Strategy: What are people taking away about your organization from visiting your site?

Marketing Plan: How are you getting traffic to your website? What are you doing to increase that?

Content Management How often should you update your site? What are the most important elements to update on a regular basis?

Design Scheme: What are the telltale signs of an amateur website? What should you look for in a website developer?

Technology Implementation: What technologies are available for your website? What attitude should your ministry have about technology?


We help you answer these questions.

What aspects of these are you looking for on your organizations sites. 

  • Member's Directory - contact info and photo
  • Staff Members - bios, email and photos
  • Worship Music - listen 24/7 online while you work or browse
  • Polls & Surveys - assess the success of events or programs; get member input...
  • Event Calendar - Public and Internal events calendar and lists of upcoming events
  • Documents - upload teachings, Camp Application, Requisition forms...
  • Favorite Links - list other Christian sites for quick access
  • Classified Ads - members can post job openings, sell goods...
  • Discussion Board - an open forum for discussions
  • Prayer List - automatic notification sent to Prayer Chain
  • Wisdom Quotes - post a daily scripture, or rotate a set of quotes
  • Bible Search - find any verse by any word or term
  • Church Map/Directions - helps visitors locate you
  • Group Email - email everyone in a group. Great for Group Leaders!!
  • Reminders - automatically notify members of upcoming events
  • Pictorial Church Directory - helps members put faces with names
  • Anniversary & Birthday reminder - members send e-cards to those celebrating special dates in their lives
  • Announcements - keep everyone informed
  • Offering Payment Center - lets members contribute automatically
  • Church Bulletin - available to those who couldn't attend
  • Church Ministries - helps members find their place of service
  • Ministry Team - someone available 24/7 to members and the community
  • Schedule of Services - also available to visitors
  • Password Protection - secure members-only access
  • Clip-Art Image Gallery - artwork to enhance church publications
  • Member's Businesses - helps members find a Christian business
  • Photo Albums - upload photos from events, groups
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