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Do you use media for your services.  We have created and can create slideshow presentations for your services.  The could include just visual words for the background of worship, to slides with images, to full fledge media presentations for your service or organization.  Did you just come back from a mission trip?  Retreat? We can create a quick show of your trip.  Did you have a VBS?  Flash created for an event, or promotion.    We have created various media solutions for any budget.  Below to see a sample of the media that we have created.  One of our favorite things to do is create content that can be used on your website, and for your service on Sunday.  We have worked with Media Shout 3.0 and also Sunday Plus.   

If you need Microsoft Office Software like Powerpoint - click here to buy at a discount!

Sample of text worship slide

Sample of text and images worship slide

Slideshow from a mission trip (all slideshows make take time to load-click on image to load)

Slideshow from a VBS

Slideshow from a Retreat



Web Flash File Intros

Knowplace-A Youth Outreach event

Knowplace -Next Event

Knowplace-Theme at the Rodeo

 Shall we play a game???? (you will need flash)


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