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Is your church or ministry still 'VHS' in a 'DVD' world? It is not even a DVD world anymore! It is now all online in the cloud! Most churches and ministries today are still 'analog' in a 'digital' world - still using old methods to reach a new generation.

The Gospel is eternal and never changes, but how we share that message determines how effective it is!

The largest segment of our current society is now the 'Net-genners' (those between 15-25) who number about 80 million. They have been raised on the net and spend large portions of their income on new technologies. Yet, most churches have a zero technology budget.

Over $70 billion was spent by 'Business-2-Consumer' e-commerce in 2000. Obviously, the business sector appreciates the value and effectiveness of new technologies! Why shouldn't the Church?

But, SitesforJesus is concerned about more than just technology and hardware. We believe that all areas of church ministry today probably need a 'digital' update - from the sound system and music ministry, to the internet and the youth department.  This will allow the body of Christ to communicate with the generation.

We are available to help your church body aggressively utilize current technology and 'digital" methods as ministry and evangelistic tools.

If you are looking to put your church on the internet or already have a internet presence and need hosting or development we can help.  Click on our services page to get a comprehensive listing of the services we provide.

Host your church web site with us and experience:

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